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Guided Cultural Tours in Sigiriya, Dambulla, Ritigala, Polonnaruva, Anuradhapura & Kandy

The ancient capitals of Sri Lanka in Anuradhapura Sigiriya and Polonnaruva spreading well over thousand years are known for their rich cultural and natural heritage. Secular and religious sites of worship dominate the cultural setting with diverse cultural influences that may be observed.

The diversity in the Sigiriya-Dambulla region is enhanced with a peak into the first human habitations in the region that date back to the "prehistoric" era, with monastic complexes as well as burial sites. 

The Sigiriya-Dambulla region in central Sri Lanka is known for its rich and diverse traditions. A peak into the region's first human settlements in the "prehistoric" era as well as sites of secular and religious worship culminates with the unrivaled architecture of the royal palace complex surrounding Sigiriya Rock depicting a period of cultural splendour that was the Sigiriya kingdom. The surrounding plains inhabited by long-term agricultural communities   reflect the lifeways of past societies.  The surrounding plains inhabited by long-term agricultural communities are a reflection of the past.


    Sigiriya World Heritage Site  
    Sacred city of Anuradhapura, Mihintale  and Isurumuniya            
    World Heritage Site of Polonnaruva
    Prehistoric habitations: Sigiriya region
    Megalithic Burials (urn burials): Sigiriya-Dambulla region


    Tour of an ancient local temple or shrine dedicated to local gods. Wednesdays and Saturdays for a view of ritual duties.
    Dambulla rock temple or Kaludiya Pokuna
    Ritigala monastic complex
The folklore and unique stone architecture and vegetation of Ritigala forest monastery make it well worth a visit.

Village tours                                                            
A glimpse into present village lifeways, chena (slash-and-burn cultivation) practices and local food processing habits, house-building techniques or more.

Experience wildlife & cultural activities with CES at wilderness field base in Diyakapilla Sigiriya.

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